Surf Coast Taekwondo

A year from now, you will wish you started today!

Welcome to
 Surf Coast Taekwondo

Your Local Family Taekwondo club.

Specialising in teaching youth the 

Self defence, Martial art and Olympic Sport of Taekwondo 

in a safe and child friendly environment.

Our small class sizes and progressive syllabus helps students achieve short and long term goals at their own pace. 

Classes are divided by rank rather than having all juniors in one class, so beginners and beyond can have the full focus of the instructor.

There is no body contact in our mainstream class, with competition training practiced in a seperate optional class wearing full protective gear. 

Students learn Blocking, Striking, kicking, wrist releases, rolls, breakfalls, patterns, sparring, fitness conditioning, balance, flexibility, co-ordination, self control, respect and dicipline. 

Your instructor is Highly Qualified and experienced in both competition and coaching.

running in Term Two 2017.
All students who sign up and enrol for Term 3 will receive a  
free personalised club t-shirt
with an action shot of yourself in a uniform
(t-shirt valued at $30-  One t-shirt per person. Offer valid for Term 2 2017 only. Additional copies of the T-shirt may be purchased for Parents / grandparents / supporters at a discounted price as part of this offer, until it's expiry).