Surf Coast Taekwondo

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NEW - Remote learning Tutorials  with online feedback and instruction   

Due to covid 19 restrictions, SCTKD is now offering online tutorials. 

  • Train when you want, where you want.
  • Train as often as you likeInformative classes with options for ways to challenge yourself.


In Taekwondo, it is a requirement to "do our time" students must check in each week by sending in some video footage of each of their training sessions... this may be a video of you performing a particular skill or drill you have worked on in the session. Your instructor will provide written feedback, and video demonstration or explanation as needed on what needs to be worked on.Each term we focus on 2 stripes. A term is a minimum of BUT NOT LIMITED TO 3 months of weekly practice. If your instructor is satisfied with the standard you are performing you skills to, you will be invited to an assessment. 

Home training Equipment can be purchased via our website. Floor mats are also available upon request.

Please click the Enrol now Button to start receiving your tutorials.

Primary School Aged Classes at Cowes Primary School 

If your primary school aged child has had a trial session and decided to sign up, here is what you need to do. 

Choose How many family members you would like to sign up, and click on the Buy Now button below, to submit payment of your

  • Annual Membership/Registration and Insurance fees (40% discount applied)
  • Your first terms flat rate enrolment fee; and (multiple family member discounts apply)
  • Your club uniform and belt (you will recieve a free personalised club tshirt)

Note down the size of club uniform and t-shirt you chose at your trial. (if you have forgotten, just write "unsure")
Once you have paid online, you will be taken to the online enrolment form if you are not directed straight to the form after payment, please click here

Number of Family Members enrolling
club uniform & t-shirt sizes
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